Aesthetics Face and BodySculpting

Just Imagine a Slimmer-Firmer More Athletic Appearance -That Will Turn Heads!

What is LipoSculpt?

Lipo Sculpt is a completely noninvasive and relaxing body contouring treatment that uses light to stimulate activity in targeted fat cells, much as light can stimulate the body to produce vitamin D. Results can be seen after the first treatment and more will be visible with each treatment thereafter. Clients can often achieve dramatic improvements, losing several inches in treated areas — especially when treatments are combined with exercise and a healthy diet. LipoSculpt pads are placed against the targeted areas allowing the high-intensity light to stimulate fat cells and release energy. The increase in activity stimulated by the heat and light allows the cells to finally be broken down and released with subsequent exercise. You can expect to feel slight warmth while the lights are in contact with your body. Lipo Light treatments give patients the extra boost they need to rid themselves of unwanted body fat.

Target Fat Loss with Advanced Laser Body Shaping

Revolutionary New High Intensity Light Technology Reduces Pockets of Unwanted Fat Painlessly – That Diet and Exercise Fail to Achieve. High Intensity Light Breaks Down Those Stubborn Fat Cell to Give You a Slimmer More Athletic Appearance as You Relax in Our Beautiful Spa Environment

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Aesthetics Face & Body Sculpting

Advanced Non-Surgical Ultrasound Cavitation Is The World’s Most Advanced Solution For Non-Surgical Fat Loss and Skin Tightening.